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Four Peaks LL Baseball & Softball

Four Peaks LL Baseball & Softball

League Positions


  • Selects and appoints managers, coaches, umpires and committees. As such, no person becomes a manager, coach, umpire or committee member without the approval of the president. However, all appointments are subject to final approval by the local league's board of directors.
  • The president is the officer with whom Little League International maintains contact.
  • The president also represents the league in the District organization.
  • Monitor the [email protected] and [email protected] emails.  
  • Works with City of Mesa to schedule lights Quail Run and Stapley fields for season in conjunction with the directors and managers.
  • Works with MPS and the secretary to reserve Quail Run and Stapley and Ishikawa fields for season
  • Coordinate Marketing: Groves ad. Schools, emails, fb, etc.
  • Reserves Stapley cafeteria and fields for registration
  • Works with directors and committee to setup Opening Day
  • Coordinate EVALUATIONS and DRAFT with Player Agent and Majors/Minors Director and pick coaches.
  • Make sure schedules for all divisions are completed
  • Coordinates and leads Board meetings
  • Attends District Presidents meetings
  • Coordinate with Player Agent and MAJ/MIN Director to get ALL STARS nominees and get out to coaches.
  • Organices selection of All Stars and charters them.

Vice President

  • The vice president presides in the absence of the president, works with other officers and committee members, is ex-officio member of all committees, and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the president.
  • Works with directors and sets up Opening Day
  • Coordinate EVALUATIONS and DRAFT with Player Agent and Majors/Minors Director and pick coaches.
  • Make sure schedules for all divisions are completed
  • Coordinate with Player Agent and MAJ/MIN Director to get ALL STARS nominees and get out to coaches.
  • Organizes selection of All Stars and charters them.
  • Ensures all tasks are complete for the directors and managers.
  • Oversees the Player Agent and issues for the league.
  • This is a voting position so must be available when needed to vote on any new motions are presented to the board.


  • Email board members for agenda items
  • Prepare agenda for board meeting
  • Keep meeting minutes
  • Helps on the preparation of the charter documents, registers the league and the charter with the president.
  • Prepares the by-laws, local rules and constitution documents
  • Keep a copy of meeting minutes in binder
  • Help President with any follow up on action items from last meeting
  • Once all volunteer forms are in-do background checks. Important to make sure to have complete list of names of all volunteers (coaches, asst coaches, board members) in order to make sure all volunteers get a background check done.
  • This is a voting position so must be available when needed to vote on any new motions are presented to the board.
  • Must be listed as a signer on the bank accounts for Four Peaks Little League.
  • File annual report with AZ Corporation Commission for Four Peaks Little League, Incorporated.


  • Be available to write checks during beginning of season
  • Receive all registration checks and deposit into bank
  • Enter all checks, charges, deposits into QuickBooks
  •  Issue any refunds
  • Receive any sponsorship checks and deposit into bank
  • Provide an google spreadsheet of all sponsors and total monies donated to President
  • Provide an google spreadsheet of all sponsors names and what teams they will sponsor to the Uniform Manager.
  • Work with Umpire Coordinator to receive the list of umpires and when they worked so you can pay them.  Must try and pay within 2-3 days of receiving the file from Umpire Coordinator.  Once you receive the document from Umpire Coordinator, please send over to President so they can quickly review.  President  should respond within 12 hours to approve payment of umpires. Do NOT hold up paying the umpires too long.   Pay 4PLL umpires through their corresponding accounts. 
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly and provide P&L to President  when needed
  • At end of season make sure all bills are paid and all accounting is sent to accountant for tax return prep
  • A current version of QuickBooks will be provided to Treasurer for their computer
  • Purchase stamps to mail out bills and umpire pay checks
  • Always make sure you have enough checks and mailing envelopes for both accounts

Player Agent

  • The player agent must not manage, coach or umpire in the division over which he/she has authority, unless the local league has received explicit written permission to allow this from Little League International.
  • Checks player eligibility,
  • Handles player issues
  • Evaluations:
    • Create  evaluation form that matches the numbers you have on the number bibs you have
    • Create sign in sheet to match eval form/bib#
    • Run evaluations
    • Collect eval forms, input info and create rankings for Draft
    • Conduct DRAFT
    • Prepares and maintains all team rosters
    •  Conduct  All-Star voting and notification


  • Have signs ready for Registration and put out(2 weeks prior)
  • Registration – coordinate dates and location for registration  
  • Responsible for entering all registrations into the registration website
  • Responsible for coordinating walk in registration including all forms
  • Collects all funds at registration and provides to Treasurer for deposit
  • Handles any refunds through registration website and notifies Treasurer of any refund checks to cut
  • Once the draft is completed and teams are formed for Majors and Minors and you receive the list of teams from Coach Pitch and T-BALL, create a spreadsheet that would include all this information.  This information is for Board members only

Coaching Coordinator

  • Coordinate registration clinic
  • Coordinate clinics during the season(pitching/catching/hitting)
  • Represents coaches/managers in league
  • Gains the support and funds necessary to implement a league-wide training program
  • Orders and distributes training materials to players, coaches and managers
  • Helps implement as the manager-coach education program for the league.

Field Manager/Groundskeeper

  • Recruits and oversees field maintenance crew, maintains grounds and makes necessary improvements, purchases and maintains field equipment and supplies, conducts field work days as appropriate, schedules field crews to support regular and postseason games.

Information Officer

  • Manages the online registration process
  • Ensures that league rosters are maintained on the site
  • Assigns administrative rights to league volunteers and teams, ensures that league news and scores are updated on a regular basis
  • Collects, posts and distributes important information on League activities
  • Maintains 4PLL website including online registration process, oversees spring newsletter production, and assists Player Agent with roster submittals.
  • The commitment in this role is to produce a quarterly Newsletter (optional), Flyers (when appropriate), but mostly to generate the Email blasts regarding league information and updates
  • Maintain the website with news, scores, and sponsors, schedules for practices and games, and creating the online registration and survey forms.

Equipment Manager

  • Maintains and inspects all equipment
  • Distribution and collection of team equipment
  • ORDER BASEBALLS for season 4 months in advance.  If you order in advance some will put the 4PLL logo on for free.—get bids
  • Make sure Equipment is ready and order any new equipment.

Uniform Manager

  • Discuss with Board if will use prior year’s uniform company or will bid out for new company.
  • Coordinates ordering and distribution of league issued uniforms
  • Gets sizes from all coaches for Minors/Majors/Juniors Division (use last year’s order as a guide-really just looking for bigger or smaller than average sizes)
  • Work with Sponsorship director to get names of sponsors/teams for uniforms.
  • Work with Majors coaches to decide on Major league team names for each team.
  • Pick minors team names –try to use different teams than prior year and try to make sure all teams are different colors. (do not pay extra for certain minor league teams)
  • Coordinates ordering and distribution of all star uniforms
  • Coordinates ordering and distribution of parent all star shirts

Safety Officer

  • Complete and submit ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program)
  • Implements safety program
  • Inspects playing fields and player equipment
  • Processes and records injury reports, handles insurance claims.
  • Work with Equipment to order First Aid kits for each team
  • Make safety packet for each coach
  • Send out email of information and videos to watch to each coach regarding safety.

Sponsorship Manager

  • Solicits and secures local sponsorships to support league operations
  • Collects and reviews sponsorship and fundraising opportunities
  • Organizes and implements approved league fundraising activities
  • Coordinates participation in fundraising activities
  • Maintains records of monies secured through sponsorship and fundraising initiatives
  • This individual will work with the Board, and will contact prior year's sponsors for the upcoming season and if necessary ask the league Membership for leads for new sponsors.   Ensure sponsors' logos are in pdf file format and given to the IT Manager for the  website, and are given to the uniform coordinator for team sponsorship, and make sure banners are ordered (if new) and placed at Quail Run, and collect sponsorship fees.
  • Contacts all prior year sponsors to see if they will sponsor again.

Division Director

  • Create practice and game schedule for season
  • Receive and disperse uniforms to coaches
  • Make sure you provide your coaches the times their teams need to be at field on opening day for pictures
  • Receive pictures for all teams and disperse to coaches
  • Coordinate on all star nominations and selections

Umpire Director

  • Provides Umpire Training
  • Schedules Umpires
  • Member of Protest Committee

Picture Coordinator

  • Discuss w/ Board if we will use previous year (Lifetouch Sports Portraits) or bid for new company
  • Secure opening day date
  • Establish the schedule for having the team pictures taken opening day based on game schedule.
  • Be on hand to assist in orchestrating the team pictures.   Assist the Photography Company with assigning the correct sponsors to each team.   They will do they rest – player plaques with the team picture for the end of the season.  
  • After opening day- ask picture company who they show did not take pictures
  • Work with Picture company to determine retake date
  • Email all parents whose child did not get picture taken to let them know when retakes will be.
  • You will work with division directors to ensure information is dispersed timely.
  • At end of season, work with picture company to determine when sponsorship plaques will be delivered
  • Work with sponsorship director on getting those plaques delivered to sponsors.

Awards Coordinator

  • Discuss with Board if we will use previous year supplier or bid for another company ( prefer to use a local business)
  • Choose which trophies to use and get approval on cost and item by President
  • Need to confirm when order needs to be placed so trophies can be delivered before last game of season
  • Receive a list of team players from each team on T Ball and Coach Pitch divisions only from Secretary or Registrar
  • Email each division Director (T Ball and coach pitch) with their team lists to confirm correct spelling of all names.   Provide a deadline date when you need by.
  • Once receive all names, email the trophy company
  • Send invoice to treasurer
  • Pick up check from Treasurer
  • Pick up trophies
  • Schedule delivery of trophies to T Ball and coach pitch directors.

Opening Day Coordinator

  • Setup Info booth/coaches check in
  • Schedule volunteers to be attendants at book
  • Organize Raffle for Booth-acquire prizes
  • Organize Opening day Ceremony(guest, national anthem, LL pledge)
  • Coordinate w/ Boyscouts for flags around fields and color guard
  • Verify concessions will be open and have extra options
  • Schedule Food Trucks
  • Coordinate with Sponsorship director for sponsors and booths
  • Coordinate with Picture Coordinator
  • Ensure all organized to run smooth on Opening day
  • Check w/ local businesses for donations-water/drinks/snacks/prizes
  • Coordinate Activities
  • Coordinate needs: extension cords, tables, chairs, PA system, extra garbages, generators, canopies



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