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If you are interested in coaching, please contact [email protected].

Requirements for coaches:

  1. Concussion Trainig: The CDC offers a free course that is actually pretty good and when done, coaches can print out a certificate proving that they have passed the course.  Here's a link so you can take a look: You can also present any certification that includes training on concussion. Concussion training is mandatory
  2. Participation on Evaluations for Minors and Majors (if you are a minors, majors or juniors coach): If you want to be considered for a Minors or Majors coach position you must attend at least two evaluation sessions. There are 4 to choose from. The more the better so you can have more information for your draft.
  3. General Coaching training: we are going to offer training for all divisions on training drills, arm care, psychology of baseball and softball, and injury prevention/sports medicine. All training made outside (online or clinics) will be refunded if you present us with your certification or receipt up to the amount of your registration fees. Some certifications may include:
    1. NAYS
    2. MLB University
    3. USA Online Education
    4. Dbacks Coaching Clinics
    5. Any other comparable program will be refunded if pre-approved by the league up to the cost of registration paid.
  4. No prior official reports on behavior or monestations from the board of directors: We want coaches in good standing, no officially reprimanded or suspended coaches will be allowed to coach a new season.

Here are some FAQs:

Does my player need to be evaluated if they will be part of my team?

Yes, every player needs to be evaluated. They will be ranked with the rest of the division and when rounds are determined by the number of kids and the number of teams, your player will be an automatic pick for your team when your turn is next for that round. For example, there are 60 players split into 5 possible teams. The Player Agent will split the ranks into rounds of 5 players. Round 1 will have players ranked 1-5, Round 2 will have 6-10, Round 3 will have 11-15... and so on. If the coaches player ranked 12th, they will occupy the 3 round. When your turn as a coach is at the 3rd round, you will be automatically assigned your player for that round and skip a selection.

What if my player can't make any of the evaluations?
If your player cannot be at any of the 4 slots to be evaluated by you and other coaches, then they will be placed on Round 1 of the draft, unranked. If your assistant coach's player can't make it to the evaluations, then that player will be placed on Round 1 of the draft. If both of your player (Coach's player and Assistant's player) can't make it to the evaluations, they will be put in 1st and 2nd rounds. It is very important that coaches players get evaluated. Unlike wildcard players, they cannot be placed in random teams and since only the coaches know the ability level of the player it is unfair to other coaches.

When do I have to arrive how long should I stay?

You should arrive at least 45 minutes, before the session starts if you have not been in an evaluation before to understand the process. You can come and go if need be, just make sure you keep your rank sheets until requested by the player agent or at the end of the day. Try to make at least one full cycle before leaving. The more cycles and sessions the better it will be for you to make a decision at the draft and the more meaningful the data will be when ranking the players.

Why Minors and Majors together?
Even if a kid registers for Minors or Majors they should be evaluated together. This will allow minor division coaches to evaluate without bias major division players and vice-versa. You will rank them from 1 to 5, 5 being of great ability and 1 needing a lot of work. Don't worry about asking the division or the age of the kids, all kids should be evaluated on their performance and not on the impression of a bigger kid being great or smaller kid not being as good. They will be separated depending on their age and division requested for two separate ranks. Some kids that registered as minors might move into majors if they rank high enough the in the general rankings, some majors might move into minors if they are in the lower 10% or their division and age or size is not a factor.

My player is not so good, what if other coaches give my player too high of score so I lose a chance at top round picks?
This is something we've seen in the past. Where coaches know the other teams coaches kids and pad the numbers so they are placed in high rounds, taking away top picks for that team. We've caught up to this and have in place automatic elimination of coaches spikes that deviate from median rank scores. Those padded score from other coaches will be eliminated from the average of the rank, giving the player a more unbiased score. That's why it is important to mix minors and majors coaches since there is less bias accross divisions. ;-)


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